Philippe Dubost – Creative Programmer/Artist Philippe Dubost – Creative Programmer/Artist


ANGLES is a VJ installation created in one week in October 2012. 
This video aims to show the whole process of creation from the early sketches to the final gig. We designed the installation mostly with the constraint of the material and our low budget. We made it simple by just using A1 sheets of foam core. This lead to the creation of very interesting patterns.
For the mapping, we used Resolume Arena 4 which provides a flexible interface with layering and masking that helped us to manage the different shadows and overlapping in the projection.

The content is mostly made out of PNGs with colors, brightness, effects connected to dynamic inputs (sound, beat, timelines) directly in Resolume. A vvvv patch takes the sound as an input and shoots some treated info to Resolume through OSC to make clever audioreactive content. 
Some animation patterns were created in vvvv too.

Aurelien Krieger – Design, Content Creation, VJing, Documentation
Philippe Dubost – Design, Integration, Mapping, Content Creation, VJing, Editing

Mount Kimbie – Flux
N’to – Le Chat

Making of and early maquette tests :

Boys Noize – Gax
Justice – Phantom II (Boys noize remix)

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