Philippe Dubost – Creative Programmer/Artist Philippe Dubost – Creative Programmer/Artist


Synomap is a very basic online tool to navigate from one word to another based on its synonyms. It’s nothing more than an attempt to practice my knowledge of Javascript, CSS, APIs and web technologies in general.

You can link and send your flows of word to collaborators with one simple URL:,mystery,story,narration,recital,reading,interpretation,performance,achievement,action,process,operation,cognition,knowledge,work,excite,show,enigma,riddle,sieve,analyse,closed%20book,perplexity,muddiness,confusion,confusedness,disarray,messiness

Every word is clickable and will add to your flow while you’re navigating.

This tool proved to be very efficient in brainstorm phases or for writing inspiration for other projects. 

It is using the Thesaurus Open API, and could still definitly be improved.

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