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3 quick sketches

5 years ago, I started doing timelapse sketching videos with the toolkit vvvv for the training workshops I was giving in different festivals. 

I’ve always disliked long video tutorials to learn about the tools because I feel there is much more room for improvement when you only understand the general thinking and structure behind a technique, rather than getting lost in all the details.

More info on vvvv:

For various reasons, I have been using more and more Touchdesigner in the past years.

I thought it would be interesting to redo these 3 sketches with a new tool. I hope this can demystify the realtime development tools for a broader audience. They are pretty much like Photoshop unless it never stops moving on your canvas ūüėČ

More info on Touchdesigner:

If you’re learning how to use TD: What I recommend is that you try and achieve these results on your own first with some hints:
A- circleTOP, noiseTOP, displaceTOP, feedbackTOP, lfoCHOP
B- circleSOP, SOPtoCHOP, copySOP, renderTOP, cameraCOMP
C- rectangleTOP, rectangleSOP, geometryCOMP, renderTOP, cameraCOMP

Then you can have a look at the timelapse to get a glimpse at the patch building logic.

I did another one for a training session I was giving at MUTEK Festival Montreal and @Moment Factory.

Again I suggest you try by yourself first. Here are the hints of what to use:
D- AnimationCOMP, FeedbackTOP, OverTOP
E- ReplicatorCOMP, ContainerCOMP, PanelCHOP, rollover, NoiseTOP (translateZ), Monochrome off, Period 30, me.digits
F- WireframeMAT, MultiPass compositing, LightCOMP (Cone Light, Shadow), Instancing, SoptoCHOP

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