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Build your own magical light installation in just a few clicks.
Try it now at 😉
Full details for setup at home:
Full story behind the keybright concept
In November 2012, I created a simple installation called Magic Keyboard ( At the time, the project was only running on my laptop and wasn’t ready to be opened on any device. It was part of a prototyping series blending digital projected elements bouncing with physical behaviors on real-world objects.

All these prototypes were quickly made on my personal time with the toolkit vvvv and the Box2D plugin by @mrvux.
I also had some great support from Moment Factory for the hardware and the LAB space.

In November 2015, the magic keyboard gained a lot of interest for a week. A lot of people seemed to be willing to try it at home.

It had been a long time since I wanted to make an opensource project that would allow people to create something together at home. So I took some time and gathered the elements to make this happen in the web-browser.

The installation had to be as simple as possible with just a quick drag and drop calibration.
It’s now available to anyone to try and improve in the form of a simple full screen website 🙂
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I’ve had many people contacting me and installing it in galleries already. I’d be very happy to help if you have issues for the setup.

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