Philippe Dubost – Creative Programmer/Artist Philippe Dubost – Creative Programmer/Artist

le voyage des haïkus

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A miniature world. Words floating on a pond, a perpetually moving train and hidden poems in the forest.


The installation was presented in Montreal for the first time. It is the most recent form of an exploration about randomness in poetry.

One of the very first haïkus -by Bashō (芭蕉)– went like this: 
old pond
frog leaps in
water’s sound

the haïkus’ journey is an open invitation for the audience. Spontaneous thoughts and contributions are combined in a pond of letters constantly stirred by the train’s passage.

With one’s fingertips, idea seeds are typed on the keyboard. Letters emerge like molecules to form the words’ various flavors. A poetic symphony then resonates over the lake.

Each and every lap, the sensible eye of the locomotive finds new words and combinations. A poetic stamp on the forest. Invisible to almost all human eyes.

More info on the dedicated site

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