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video light painting

First attempt at video painting in empty Montréal using #pixelstick and a custom #touchdesigner feedback video tracing effect.

After releasing this experiment, I received a lot of questions, so I figured I’ll make a quick tutorial and explain: how to do your own video light painting?

You can use any flash light or a more sophisticated device like the pixelstick to achieve the effect.

It’s not regular long exposure photo light painting. It is a simple post-processing video effect that you can achieve in a few minutes with the software and project files below:

– Download Touchdesigner software Free version (very versatile video software, but the patch is super simple for this example 😉 – you pretty much just need to replace the source video with your own and export the output)
– Project file and video example (you’ll be able to replace with your own video)…

Step by step:
– Set up in a dimmed light environment (doesn’t work with bright daylight)
– Shoot a video (fixed camera) of you waving light around
– Bring the video to the software to apply effect
– Tracing of brightest pixels
– Masking of some regions
– Flicker + Glow + Reflections
– Slight Post-prod fake camera movement
– Record the output video

Info about the pixelstick it’s a fun tool, but to be honest I didn’t use it much since I bought it. Might be worth checking if one of your friends has one. If you’re in Montreal, DM me, I can lend it to you for a few days.

Let me know below if you have any questions in the comments of the video! Hope that helps 🙂

This principle was used to make this quick poem too:

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