Philippe Dubost – Creative Programmer/Artist Philippe Dubost – Creative Programmer/Artist


With the help of light, video, smoke and mirrors, I’ve always tried to balance technical research with creative endeavour

On top of a very rational generalist engineer education (Nantes) in my younger years, I have spent a lot of time working on personal projects to implement my left brain ideas.
Now working on short films and installations, my main vision is to merge the physical and virtual world through light to create the unexpected. Always inspired by the simple things that drive me since my childhood: music, animations, poetry, skateboarding and fireworks.

These personal projects led me to great encounters. First at MESO studio (Frankfurt) and then at Moment Factory (Montreal), where I’m now dedicating my time to reach new emotions and experiences through media and technology. I’m in a perpetual quest for inspiration with the help of my friends and teammates, to develop concepts and prototypes that stir my own imagination.

festivals and mentions

  • Conseil des Arts en Tournée 2020, Montreal (CA),Pianocktail
  • MAPP NTS 2020, Nantes (FR), Les Fantômes de l’Île
  • LVLUP 2019, Laval (CA), Machine à fantômes & Paroles photoniques
  • NUMIX 2018, Finalist in New media and Projection mapping projects, Pianocktail
  • Composite 2018, Montreal (CA), Présentation Pianocktail
  • MAPP MTL 2017, Montreal (CA), Pianocktail
  • Composite 2017, Montreal (CA), Présentation Le voyage des haîkus
  • MUTEK IMG 2016, Montreal (CA), Intervention
  • FITC 2015, Toronto (CA), Talk (Interview link)
  • MAPP MTL 2015, Montreal (CA), Le voyage des haïkus
  • Festival du Nouveau Cinéma 2014, Montreal (CA), Installation tape-mapping
  • Colloque Sociologie, Management en milieu créatif, Nantes (FR), Intervention
  • Festival du Nouveau Cinéma 2013, Montreal (CA), Installation tape-mapping
  • Live Performers Meeting 2013, Mexico City (MEX), Workshop and presentation
  • NODE 2013, Frankfurt (GER), Patcha Kucha Participation and Projects presentation
  • NODE 2010, Frankfurt (GER), Staff


Philippe Dubost
IG @philippe.dubost
Montreal, QC, Canada